Are your stairs a barrier?

Install an Acorn Stairlift and regain access to your entire house!


To measure the required rail length go to the top of the stairs and run your tape down the stairs along the stair noses until it reaches the floor on the lower landing. Measure from there to the uppermost  stair nose. This is the total length of your stairs.  Write this down.  THE RAIL MUST BE CUT 15 INCHES LONGER THAN THE TOTAL STAIR LENGTH.  The rail is shipped in two sections.  The lower section has a beveled cut which sits on the floor at the bottom landing. Identify the upper and lower sections.  THE EXCESS LENGTH MUST BE CUT FROM THE TOP END OF THE UPPER RAIL SECTION.  The lower rail section is 96 inches long.  Subtract 96 inches from the TOTAL STAIR LENGTH and add 15 inches.   This is how long the upper rail length needs to be.
total stair length = 166”
Subtract lower rail length 96” from total stair length 166” = 70”
Add overrun of 15” to 70” = 85”
Total length of upper rail section = 85”

If you are ordering the Acorn Stair lift with pre-cut rail the only measure- ment you will need is the total stair length as above. Decide which side of the stairs (looking up from the bottom) you want your Acorn Stairlift, left side or right side and e-mail this information with your delivery address and method of payment to stairbusters@shaw.ca. It is just that easy.

Prepare the upper rail

The gear rack must be removed from the rail. It is held down by self-tapping screws along the length of the rail. Remove the upper charge assembly on the upper right hand side of the rail. It is held on the rail by two self-tapping screws. Disconnect the blue and brown wires from the charge assembly and push the terminal tabs into the rail. (note that the blue wire attaches to the lower terminal and the brown wire attaches to the upper terminal, they are to be reattached to the same terminals later.) Now draw the wire that runs through the rail completely out through the top of the rail. Remove the upper limit cam assembly  located at the top of the rail.

Cutting the rail and gear rack

The rail is now ready to cut.  If you use a chop saw or skill saw you may have to make two passes. Place the rail face down and run the saw across your mark as straight as possible. If the cut is not deep enough, turn the rail over and cut  again.  Make sure the second cut is in line with the first.  Remove any burrs or sharp edges with a file. Your track should now be cut to the desired length.  To cut the gear rack measure how much rail you cut off and using a hacksaw cut off the same amount off of one end of the gear rack.

Reassembling the rail

Place the gear rack back into its slot with the cut end towards the top of the rail, screw it down. Using the cut off end of the rail as a template, drill a 1/2” hole through the bottom of the rail where the charger wires will enter and drill a 1/2” hole through the side of the rail at the top for the charge assembly wires.  Drill pilot holes for the charge assembly mounting holes using the charge assembly as a template. Thread the wire back through the rail and feed the blue and brown wires back through the hole you drilled for the charge assembly. Reconnect the blue and brown wires and mount the charge assembly.  Be careful not to pinch the wires behind the charge assembly. Now using the upper cam assembly as a template drill the two mounting holes where they were on the cut off piece of rail. Do not mount the upper cam assembly at this time.

Continue with installation as described in the step-by-step installation guide or click here to go to Acorn Support Site

NOTE:  If your total stair length is between 81 and 96 inches the rail joint will interfere with the mounting of the upper charge assembly.  Therefore you must cut approximately 15 inches from the bottom end of the lower rail. This will cut off the factory beveled end and will require you to cut the track at a 65 degree angle. Of course this means you must cut 15 inches from the bottom of the lower gear rack and move the lower charge assembly and lower limit cam up by the same amount. Don’t forget to remove the wire from inside the rail before cutting the rail.

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